All you need to apostille a Document in Venezuela.

If you are thinking about emigrating or doing legal procedures overseas, you have to apostille your documents. Next, we present you a complete guide including all you need to apostille a document in Venezuela.

You have to know that when emigrating to an English-speaking country, you do not only have to apostille your documents, but you also need a certified translator to do so. The most frequently translated documents are:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Divorce Documents
  • Passports and Visas
  • Residency Cards
  • Documents for UCIS
  • Degrees
  • Certified Grade Trascripts

It is advisable, when thinking about apostilling and legalizing your documents, to also translated them since it is practical to have all papers ready for opportunities that my present.

Likewise, it is less complicate, when leaving the country, to already have your documents legalized, apostilled and duly translated by a certified translator in Venezuela than to search for doing such process when you are already at your destiny.

In case you require translation services, you may contact us that we will gladly assist you in anything related to translation of documents to emigrate being ready for any opportunity that may come along.

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What is an Apostille?

The first thing you need to now is that it is a procedure of verification of authenticity of legal documents issued by public authorities and institutions.

It is a sheet that is- separately or at the overleaf- attached to public documents.

The Apostille is a process with the purpose of simplifying and facilitating the legalization process of documents registered within the framework of an agreement among countries.

Not only undersigned of such agreement accept the Apostille as legalization method of documents, there are in fact 116 countries that accepts apostilled documents. In the case of countries that do not accept the Apostille, it is necessary to verify documents.

How to apostille a Document in Venezuela?  

The first thing you need to know is that the process must be done before the Chancellery of the Republic, that is to say the Ministry of the People´s Power for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Chancellery has a guide in which they advise to do the following:

Enter to the website of the Venezuelan Chancellery:

  1. At

Information Verification:

  1. Enter your Identitification or Requestor’- in case they are not the same person-  identification number.
  2. Enter Taxpayer Identification Number (RIF) or identity card number, accordingly.
  3. It will show information about the corresponding person.
  4. Enter an e-mail address so the system could send a link.
  5. Follow the registry process. It is pretty fast and simple:
  6. Open the e-mail you indicated in Step 4.
  7. You must have an e-mail from the Chancellery in your Inbox. In case you do not see it there, you should check your Spam file.
  8. Open the e-mail and click the link.
  9. Enter a safe password you will not forget.
  10. After providing your password, the system will automatically take you to the profile Section.

Complete your Profile:

  1. Once at the Profile Section you must provide the required information to move forward.
  2. You must indicate: your marital status, geographical location, telephone numbers, alternate e-mail address.
  3. In case you are going to apostille your minor children’s documents in Venezuela, you must:
  4. If the minor has an identity card, you must verify the data shown by the system.
  5. In case the minor does not have an identity card yet, you must provide identification data manually.

What to do if you are Overseas and need to apostille a Document in Venezuela:

  1. You must provide the person who will do the interview to verify your information with a power of attorney you may arrange through the Embassy of Venezuela in the country you are located.
  2. At the Representative Section you must correctly enter the legal data of the person that will attend to the appointment.
  3. Your legal representative will not be able to do any legal procedure during the following 30 days.
  4. You are now at the Document Section:  
  5. At this point, you will be able to upload your children’s documents if you had registered them at the corresponding Section.
  6. It is important you had previously legalized your documents at the issuing institution.
  7. You must select the country in which you will file the document.
  8. The system will indicate the process you should do: a legalization, an electronic Apostille or a physical Apostille.
  9. To ease this step, the Chancellery provided a Document Identifier so you could know the type of document you will legalize and how you should do it by informing you its category and sub-category.

You may access to the Document Identifier at: 

 Arranging your Appointment:

  1. You just have to select the office at which you want to attend to your appointment and click on Register.
  2. Five days later, the system will indicate you the date of your appointment.
  3. You must indicate if a legal representative will attend to the appointment, as well as the number of the power of attorney.

What Documents may be apostilled before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

When hiring translation services, it is generally believed that all documents that will be included in the file must be translated, regardless of their origin and this is not necessarily so. In order to know which documents may require translation, it may be helpful to know which documents may be apostilled. The documents that may be apostilled are those issued by public Venezuelan institutions such as:

  • Ministry of Education (MPPE).
  • Ministry of Higher Education (MPPEU).
  • Autonomous Service of National Print and Official Gazette (SAINGO).
  • Autonomous Service of Registries and Notaries (SAREN).
  • National Integrated Service of Customs and Taxes Administration (SENIAT).
  • Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Foreign Affairs (SAIME).
  • Autonomous Service of Health Comptrollership (SACS).
  • Ministry of Health/ General Direction of Epidemiology (MPPS/DGE)
  • National Institute of Comprehensive Agricultural Health (INSAI).
  • Venezuelan Institute of Social Insurance (IVSS).
  • National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC).
  • National Institute of Terrestrial Transit (INTT).
  • Ministry of the People´s Power for Domestic Affairs, Justice and Peace (MPPIJP).

All documents issued by any of the aforementioned institutions from the Venezuelan State may be apostilled and consequently, you require of a certified translator to properly translate them, after being duly legalized and notarized.

When a document requires legalization and apostille, you should do both processes before requesting its translation or otherwise, you may have to request the translation again after finalizing such processes.

Requesting Appointments to apostille a Document in Venezuela during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Due to the quarantine that has been globally implemented- Venezuela is no exemption- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Venezuelan Chancellery, has been forced to stop appointments for legalization processes.

However, in July 2020 appointment assignation process to apostille documents was restarted in Venezuela. You may then request an appointment through the automated system of the Chancellery.

Due to the contingency and that Venezuela is implementing a new quarantine scheme, called 7×7, in which there 7 days of mandatory quarantine and then 7 days of “flexible” quarantine; appointments are assigned following such system as well.

This means that appointments are assigned solely during flexible quarantine weeks.

What Documents may be electronically apostilled in Venezuela?

As mentioned before, you may electronically apostille a document in Venezuela; however, this is not so for legalization of all documents issued by state institutions.

In cases in which it is possible to do this process electronically, requestor will receive the Apostille, through e-mail, in PDF format and it may be digitally file before authorities of the destiny country.

However, you must consider that you should have a certified printed copy of legalized documents when filing then before authorities of English-speaking countries.

If you are planning to legalizar any document in Venezuela and you will search “Certified Translators from the American Embassy in Caracas” save time and contact us through WhatsApp at +584167257799

How much does it cost to apostille Documents in Venezuela?         

All documents cost the same. Before, costs were expressed in Tax Units but nowadays they are expressed in Petros. Apostille fees may be paid at the assignation of the appointment, beforehand.    

You may pay at sale points located in the following institutions:

  • Mayor’s Office of Valencia, State of Carabobo.
  • Mayor’s Office of Valera, State of Trujillo.
  • Registry or Notary of the SAREN.
  • Mayor’s Office of Miranda, State of Falcón.
  • Mayor’s Office of Iribarren, State of Lara.
  • Offices of Cantv.
  • Mayor’s Office of Pedro Leon Torres, State of Lara.     


  • Banco de Venezuela N° 0102-0552-2600-0003-7798. IPOSTEL. RIF G-20000043-0.

Support Office of the Federal Governing Board

  • Banco de Venezuela N° 0102-0762-2100-0002-4044. IPOSTEL. RIF G-20000043-0.

Bolivarian Mayor’s Office of the San Felipe Municipality, State of Yaracuy

  • Deposits must be done from a bank account of the same bank: Banesco Nº 0134 0558 10 5583011058.
  • Banco del Tesoro Nro. 0163 0246 54 2463000473. Deposits must be done from a bank account of the same bank. RIF G-20005697-5. E-mail: [email protected]

Mayor’s Office of the Ezequiel Zamora Municipality, State of Cojedes

  • Banco BNC Nº 0191-0208-4921-0000-0001. Alcaldía Ezequiel Zamora. RIF: G-200033711

Diplomatic Missions

  • Information about payment of fees must be verified at the closest Embassy.

If you are preparing your documents to leave the country; and you have begun legalization processes in Venezuela, do not hesitate to contact us to translate your documents through WhatsApp at +584167257799.