Certified translators in Venezuela.

Today- more than ever- it is necessary for you to know how to find certified translators in Venezuela. We count with those certified translators!

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According to statistics, the United States is the third country with more Venezuelan immigrants as a result of the diaspora of the last 20 years.

For different reasons, Venezuelans have chosen the Northern country as a safe destiny to begin a new life.

However, building a new life in the United States is not as simple as unpacking your luggage and find a new family home.

To begin a new life in the United States you should consider all legal documents you may need to officially starting your life in the land of opportunities.

One of the first steps to take is to have your documents issued by national authorities. Then, since the United States demand to have documents duly translate in English by a certified translator, this should be step 2.

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We will gladly guide you through the steps to follow to organize your file and to be ready for all opportunities you may find when building your new life in the United States.

Certified Translators from the American Embassy in Venezuela

Generally, those looking for official translators in Venezuela are worried that they are not certified by the American Embassy in Venezuela.

It is important to consider that all translators who have approved the test before the Venezuelan Ministry of Domestic Affairs and Justice are duly endorsed by the State as public interpreters.

Therefore, they are certified as official translators to any country speaking the language for which they were certified.

It is also important to clarify that there is not an official list of translators certified by the Embassy of the United States in Venezuela.

Translators authorized by the American Embassy are those properly certified by Venezuelan authorities.

Legal Translation in Venezuela

At some point you may have asked yourself, how do you become a certified translator in Venezuela? To become a certified translator in Venezuela you have to approve a test before the Venezuelan Ministry of Domestic Affairs and Justice in which it is verified if candidates have the proper knowledge to be certified as public interpreters.

The Venezuelan State is the only Body with faculties to certify candidates as legal translators.

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How much should I pay for Legal Translations? 

Prices of translations in Venezuela are very different than overseas so it is generally much better to hire a local translation service which guarantees a quality service at a reasonable price.  

Although translation costs per page or word may be very high in Venezuela- some charge up to 25$ per page- in CQtraducciones.co you will find better prices making legal translation accessible for those who require it.

It does not matter if you need a certified translator in Valencia, Barinas, Merida, Cabimas, or Guayana, we may provide translation services throughout the nation.

Trust, Reliability and Responsibility

Our work is 100% guaranteed since we comply with all legal requirements for certified translators in Venezuela. Hiring CQ traducciones you will not only have the best translations fees, but you will have reliable results.