Translation in Venezuela

What do you need to know about hiring Translators in Venezuela?

Translators in Venezuela may be certified as Public Interpreters after approving an exam at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Venezuelan Chancellery is in charge of ensuring that translators of legal documents have the proper knowledge about the field.

Sadly, it is a common practice for translation and interpretation companies to hire students or even worse, professional of other fields, who lack of the academic background; therefore, risking the accuracy of the resultant work.

Considering all of the foregoing, we consider it is important you know about the institutions from which translators in Venezuela graduate.

Where do Translators in Venezuela graduate?

Venezuelans may graduate as Translators or Interpreters in:

  • Universidad Central de Venezuela. Modern Languages  (Caracas, Capital District).
  • Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Américo Vespucio. Modern Languages  (Caracas, Capital District).
  • Universidad de los Andes. Modern Languages  (Libertador, Mérida).
  • Universidad Arturo Michelena. Modern Languages  (San Diego, Carabobo).
  • Universidad de Margarita. Modern Languages  (Mariño, Nueva Esparta).
  • Universidad Panamericana del Puerto. Modern Languages  (Caracas, Capital District).

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